Terms & Conditions

The following general conditions are governed by the provisions set forth in act 18829, decree 2182/72, and resolution 404/72. Andes Vertical S.A. hereby sets its general operating conditions for the information to the traveller:

When the traveller (as well as any person who has a reservation under the traveller’s name) sends the reservation form and it is accepted by Andes Vertical, it is understood that the traveller agrees with all the conditions herein and certifies that the information submitted in the reservation form is complete and true. Andes Vertical, on accepting the reservation, agrees to fulfil its obligations provided here. How to book your adventure before booking your holidays with us, we recommend that you carefully read the detailed description of each trip. If you require any further information, you can contact us via email or telephone available on our website. It is important for your enjoyment that you choose a trip well-suited to your experience and capabilities. Please do not hesitate in asking any questions as we can advise you in this regard.
Once you have made your choice you can book online or send us an email to confirm your booking. A non-refundable deposit between 20% to 30% of the price of the activity (depending on the trip) will be required.
You should consider securing the appropriate travel insurance at that stage at this stage as this may safeguard your deposit in case of potential subsequent cancellations. In any case, Andes Vertical will require you to have a proper travel insurance before the start of any of ours activities. This must cover accidents and medical expenses.


Received reservations will be confirmed once the traveler sends the complete reservation form. Each person participating in the trip must fill out a form and provide all the required information. Andes Vertical must be immediately informed of any changes in that information. The traveler may send the reservation form by e-mail, or through the company’s web site. Andes Vertical will send you a payment request via Paypal with the 20% to 30% of the total cost of the activity to confirm the reservation with us. See payment of the balance due.

Once we receive your booking forms and in order to confirm your reservation, you will receive a payment request (by paypal) of the 20% ( one pax) and the 30% (from two pax) of   the cost of the activity. The rest must to be paid before the departure date.

To confirm a reservation one day before the trip,  the traveler must to pay the total cost of the trip via Paypal or bank transference if the price exceeds the u$d 500.

Payments of more than u$d 500 only via bank transference ( we will provide our bank account number by e-mail)

If you want to pay amounts over u$d 500 via pay pal please note it has a 5% of surcharge

We accept payments by cash, bank transference or Paypal (with a 5% surcharge). 
No fees are charged by Andes Vertical for the deposit of the booking confirmation. Once the booking is paid, Andes Vertical will send a confirmation of the reservation to the traveler via e-mail, which will include all the relevant information about the trip. Andes Vertical will send a reminder to the traveler by e-mail that will include contact telephone numbers, lists of participants and related relevant data.
 The balance due must be paid before departure date by credit or de it card via Paypal, directly to our bank account or by cash on the day of the activity. Exceptionally, scheduled expeditions must be paid at least 30 days in advance.
Additional fees: 5% surcharge – payments via PayPal using your credit or debit card

Prices advertised in Andes Vertical’s publications are expressed in USD. The traveller shall pay the ruling price at the time the reservation is accepted. Prices may be subjected to changes without prior notice due to market fluctuations affecting the cost structure. Any price increase shall be paid prior to the date of the trip without exception.

The price of each excursion varies depending on the number of participants in each group. As for the modification of the number of participants in a group, we will finally apply the pre-established price to the final number of participants of the tour and we will apply cancellation fees to the participant or participants who decide to cancel the trip. If the traveller wants to make any change in a reservation that has already been confirmed, he/she must inform Andes Vertical by email and pay an administrative fee of $15 USD per person/change.


Cancellations of day adventure trips (treks, btt, rafting and horseback riding)

Can be made by “sending an email” to Andes Vertical. For the cancellation before twenty (20) days of departure date the company will retain 10% of the cost of the trip, up to ten (10) days prior to departure 20%, up to five (05) days a 30% to 48 hours before and 50% if it occurs within 48 hours will be held the total fare of the trip.

Cancellations of scheduled expeditions can be made by “sending an email” to Andes Vertical .Will be charged 30% of the cost of the expedition, regardless of when the cancellation was made. Refunds will be transferred to the traveller within 30 days after the cancellation date. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice before the activity will not be refunded.

Cancellation from 2 to 6 days horseback riding ( Andes Crossing)

Can be made by “sending an email” to Andes Vertical. For the cancellation before twenty (20) days of departure date the company will retain 10% of the cost of the trip, up to ten (10) days prior to departure 20%, up to five (05) days a 30% to 48 hours before and 50% if it occurs within 48 hours will be held the total fare of the trip.


Andes Vertical may change some itineraries, including services, departure dates etc., always for the purpose of providing better service or due major unexpected events (e.g. natural catastrophes, adverse meteorological conditions, bad road conditions or road damage). Andes Vertical also reserves the right to cancel any activity due to major events or if the minimum number of people required for any particular activity is not reached. In that case, Andes Vertical will inform the traveler who will have the option to: 1) Demand a refund of the cost of the activity “prior the departure date of the booked trip” to Andes Vertical ( except 20% of reservation cost “non refundable”) , 2) Choose another activity ” prior the departure date of the booked trip” (any differences in costs will have to be paid by the traveler or by a refund by Andes Vertical in each case).


1- In our expeditions only the expressly aforementioned services are included. On their arrival at Penitentes, Mendoza, Argentina, each client will be given a copy with a full list of the included services.

2- The agreed itinerary for each expedition is for guidance. All those who hire our services automatically accept possible changes within the itinerary for reasons beyond Grajales Expeditions. On arriving at Penitentes, Mendoza, Argentina, each client will be given a copy detailing the agreed

3- Andes Vertical and Partners Company´s reserves the right to refuse admission of those clients that the company should find not mentally prepared for a particular expedition

4- During the course of any expedition, the Guide Responsible shall reserve the right to request any client whether they should return to the Base Camp or abandon the expedition. That will be possible if that person, in accordance with the Guide’s judgement, is not fit to continue participating in such expedition.

5- If, for one reason or another, a client decides to abandon the expedition before its completion, no refund of any kind will be possible.

6- Clients will be responsible for covering all the expenses that separating from the main group/guide may imply, whatever the motives are.

7- If the weather, or any other reason, makes it impossible to complete the objective of an expedition, no refund will be possible.

8- The participant of an expedition will be responsible for all the expenses incurred in case that he or she decides to abandon the expedition before completion, or needs to be rescued whatever his/her motives are.

9- Andes Vertical and Partners Company´s is not responsible for any expense that may be incurred if the expedition is delayed on account of the inclemency of the weather, strikes, thefts, the course of nature, restrictions or Government

regulations, any transport fault on the point of arriving or departing

according to the planned schedule, or any other discrepancy beyond Andes Vertical and Partners Company´s’ control.

10- If a client decides against participating on the expedition at any time

before the date of departure, no deposit refund will be possible. The amount of the expedition will be reimbursed in full if the person cancels his/her

participation 60 days before the expedition commences. If the client calls his participation off on the very same day of departure, no reimbursment of any kind will be possible.

11- Andes Vertical and Partners Company´s will not be responsible for the terms and conditions of any airline ticket.

12- Andes Vertical and Partners Company´s will not be responsible for losses, thefts or luggage/equipment damage, and that includes no costs that such losses or damage may imply. If Andes Vertical and or Partners Company´s decides to cancel an expedition on account of any reason different from the aforementioned ones, payments shall be reimbursed in full.


If you cannot find a suitable itinerary or date, please do not hesitate in contact us and we will arrange a private trip to suit your requirements. Simply call or email us and we'll construct the perfect program for you.
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